Leave a light on nghĩa là gì năm 2024

Illumination, brightness, daylight, lamplight,candlelight, firelight, gaslight, torchlight, starlight,moonlight, sunlight; gegenschein, counterglow: There is justenough light for me to read the label.

Lamp, light-bulb,torch, beacon, lantern, candle, flare, headlight or headlamp,street-light or street lamp, US and Canadian flashlight: I sawa light in the distance. Someone turned off the lights.
Radiance, radiation, luminescence, glare, gleam, glow,reflection, luminosity, shine, sparkle, scintillation,incandescence, phosphorescence, fluorescence: The light of thefull moon shone through the window.
Daybreak, dawn, sunrise,US sun-up: We leave at first light.
Clarification,enlightenment, insight, understanding, elucidation,simplification, explanation: After an hour's talk with hislawyer, he finally saw the light and confessed. Can you shed alittle light on this problem, Robyn? 6 window, window-pane: Thewest wall has three windows of six lights each.
Match,lighter, spill, taper, fire, flame, ignition: Can you give me alight for my cigarette?
Highlight: Note the chiaroscuroeffect from the lights and shadows in the drawing. 9 bring tolight. reveal, unearth, find, uncover, unveil, discover, expose,disclose, make known: A vital fact has recently been brought tolight.
Come to light. be revealed, be unearthed, beuncovered, be unveiled, be discovered, be exposed, be disclosed,appear, come out, turn up, transpire, develop, evolve, emerge:The truth about her parents has finally come to light.
Britin the light of or US in light of. considering, in view of, inconsideration of, taking into account, keeping or bearing inmind: In the light of his condition, he has decided to pull outof the competition. 12 shed or throw (some, a little) light on.explain, elucidate, simplify, clarify: Perhaps you could throwsome light on the reason why she refuses to leave the house.
(well-)illuminated, bright, alight, (well-)lit,(well-)lighted, shining, luminous, effulgent, brilliant,beaming, incandescent, phosphorescent, fluorescent: Thelightest room in the house is the kitchen.
Pale, light-hued:Put the light blue chair over here.
Ignite, set alight, set or put a match to, kindle;burn, touch off, set fire to, fire: It's getting chilly, soyou'd better light the fire. When the bomb was in place, theylit the fuse. 16 illuminate, light up, lighten, brighten: Takethis candle to light your way to the bedroom.
Turn on,switch on, put on: Light the lamps.
Light up. lighten,brighten, cheer up, liven up: The moment she walked in, thewhole room lit up. Her face lit up when she saw him.

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Mục lục

Verb (used without object), lighted or lit, lighting.

to get down or descend, as from a horse or a vehicle.
to come to rest, as on a spot or thing; fall or settle upon; land

The bird lighted on the branch. My eye lighted on some friends in the crowd.

to come by chance; happen; hit (usually fol. by on or upon )

to light on a clue; to light on an ideal picnic spot.

to fall, as a stroke, weapon, vengeance, or choice, on a place or person

The choice lighted upon our candidate.

Verb phrases

light into, Informal . to make a vigorous physical or verbal attack on

He would light into anyone with the slightest provocation.

light out, Slang . to leave quickly; depart hurriedly

He lit out of here as fast as his legs would carry him.




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  • Lighten

    to become lighter or less dark; brighten, to brighten or light up, as the eyes or features, to flash as or like lightning (often used impersonally with...
  • Lightening

    the descent of the uterus into the pelvic cavity, occurring toward the end of pregnancy, changing the contour of the abdomen and facilitating breathing...
  • Lighter

    a person or thing that lights or ignites., a mechanical device used in lighting cigarettes, cigars, or pipes for smoking.
  • Lighter-than-air

    (of an aircraft) weighing less than the air it displaces, hence obtaining lift from aerostatic buoyancy., of or pertaining to lighter-than-air craft.
  • Lightheaded

    giddy, dizzy, or delirious, having or showing a frivolous or volatile disposition; thoughtless, adjective, adjective, after two drinks pat began to feel...
  • Lightheadedness

    giddy, dizzy, or delirious, having or showing a frivolous or volatile disposition; thoughtless, noun, after two drinks pat began to feel lightheaded .,...
  • Lighthearted

    carefree; cheerful; gay, adjective, adjective, a lighthearted laugh ., depressed , heavy-hearted , troubled , upset , worried, blithe , blithesome , bright...
  • Lightheartedness

    carefree; cheerful; gay, noun, a lighthearted laugh ., blitheness , blithesomeness , glee , gleefulness , hilarity , jocoseness , jocosity , jocularity...
  • Lighthouse

    a tower or other structure displaying or flashing a very bright light for the guidance of ships in avoiding dangerous areas, in following certain routes,...
  • Lighting

    the act of igniting or illuminating, the arrangement of lights to achieve particular effects, an effect achieved by the arrangement of lights, the science,...
  • Lightly

    with little weight, force, intensity, etc.; gently, to only a small amount or degree; slightly, nimbly; quickly, with a lack of concern; indifferently;...
  • Lightness

    the state or quality of being light in weight, the quality of being agile, nimble, or graceful., lack of pressure or burdensomeness., lack of seriousness;...
  • Lightning

    a brilliant electric spark discharge in the atmosphere, occurring within a thundercloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the ground., to emit a...
  • Lightning arrester

    a device for preventing damage to radio, telephonic, or other electric equipment from lightning or other high-voltage currents, using spark gaps to carry...
  • Lightning rod

    a rodlike conductor installed to divert lightning away from a structure by providing a direct path to the ground., a person or thing that attracts and...
  • Lights

    the lungs, esp. of sheep, pigs, etc.
  • Lights out

    chiefly military . a signal, usually by drum or bugle, that all or certain camp or barracks lights are to be extinguished for the night., bedtime.
  • Lightship

    a ship anchored in a specific location and displaying or flashing a very bright light for the guidance of ships, as in avoiding dangerous areas. abbreviation,...
  • Lightsome

    light, esp. in form, appearance, or movement; airy; buoyant; agile; nimble; graceful., cheerful; gay; lighthearted., frivolous; changeable.

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